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So I rocked up to work today and someone has moved my locker?

I usually leave my locker unlocked when I leave because I just leave my mug and cutlery in there and this morning my stuff and lock was moved one locker over along with the sticker that has my name on it.

IDK if it’s management or? But like what was the point in doing that???

I thought my tutor for Professional Responsibility was a student and damn he is fiiiinnnee. Like 10/10 would bang. Definitely not regretting my decision to change subjects.



IDK what it is about today but I’m surprisingly in a really good mood. I woke up and made myself a 10/10 breakfast and now i’m just sitting outside in my backyard enjoying the view and working on an assignment.

Anonymous said: show us the dress!

ugh I looked horrible but I’ll post it briefly. It’s on my phone so I can’t post it to this ask.

Anonymous said: did you end up wearing the red dress to the gala?

I actually didn’t end up wearing either of them, went with a blue dress instead!

ph. by erik wahlstrom

ph. by erik wahlstrom

If someone would bring me a strawberry ice cream from the Ekka that would really cheer me up.


Sylvester Ulv by Emmanuel Giraud


Sylvester Ulv by Emmanuel Giraud


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