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I feel like I got hit by a bus, someone make me tea come and look after me please.

Mum asked me to go pick up something from a family friend who I haven’t seen in about a year. It took me about 30 seconds to remember why I don’t like her.

"How’s uni going? When do you finish? That’s a long time… What do you study again? And what uni? Have you had any work experience? Yeah my daughter graduates next year and she’s been doing work experience since last semester blah blah blah". 

Oh Arabs, always making it a competition between their children. FYI I win so bye.


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Not so smug without your little possy, bitch.

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Lol so apparently I’m performing in the top 15% of my cohort/degree?

I think there’s been some mistake…

So the girl from school that I have to mentor with barely communicates with me and it’s really frustrating because we have to organise meetings ect and getting her tell me her availabilities takes like 5days. Like it’s not hard to reply to a text message.


everything we touch is art


everything we touch is art

So I rocked up to work today and someone has moved my locker?

I usually leave my locker unlocked when I leave because I just leave my mug and cutlery in there and this morning my stuff and lock was moved one locker over along with the sticker that has my name on it.

IDK if it’s management or? But like what was the point in doing that???

I thought my tutor for Professional Responsibility was a student and damn he is fiiiinnnee. Like 10/10 would bang. Definitely not regretting my decision to change subjects.